Yesterday’s work

Yesterday’s work

You knew it would be more on the masks and so it is. I promise to get to some new builds next week. The bomb model. Notice I said model and not just the word. I worry these days that even mentioning that word might give the bots a worry. I’d never get elected to congress then. More maybe I would! LOL! 

“It’s only a model”. Also an in-depth of a peanut scale J-3 Piper Cub free flight airplane…model. 13 inch wingspan and one heck of a nice kit from Peck Polymers. You’ll see stick by stick to flight the build of this marvelous little wonder!

The masks are nearly done. Boy it takes me a long time to do 6 masks. I thought it would go faster, but all that hair. Geeze. But they are all haired up. Now I need today to go back over them all and make sure they are clean and tidy. Add the teeth that need to be painted, epoxy glaze the eyes in the Galaxy Being and the Salt Vampire and Monday they get boxed up and Pirate shipped! Don’t worry that’s the shipping company I use. And they are great!

Almost forgot. I need to add the ladies salt sucking teeth. See and you thought this was all easy! LOL!

Here’s three of the ape masks.

And the one in the paint booth:

And here’s that larger J-3 ready to fly at long last:

Almost looks like the real thing.

And remember that contest free flight kit I started? Well the contest ends in March so I better get it done. I starting to get it covered. Test flight next week.

See ya all tomorrow! Enjoy your Friday.

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