Masks again

Masks again!

This week is more masks to finish. They take lots of time especially if you want them to be the best they can be. Rubber isn’t really easy to work with. Molds start to break down after awhile and you need to make new ones from the masters. You don’t find this out until you pull a mask and you find the bubbles and even detail loss. All repairable but this takes time using Cabopatch( Cabosil and pros-aid mixed together), a Dremel to grind off seams, Googone and sand paper to smooth rough areas and remove more bubbles. Add 6 mask to that and you have to spend a few days doing all this before you can paint.

It took two day for me. The end result was this:

I failed to mention the trimming. Cutting away flash, opening up the eyes, breathing holes and more.

Then another day as yesterday was to paint. And the paint I use is a bear! It clogs the airbrush easily and demands constant cleaning. Water based urethane contact cement thinned with water and tinted to color. Great coverage, really sticks to the rubber and just about non toxic compared to rubber cement paints which are deadly toxic.

Today and tomorrow will be lots of hair work. They are ready for hair and epoxy glass for the eyes.

Things get hairy today. And I hope to finish this now ready to fly J-3 Piper Cub. It just needs and few more cosmetic things done to it.

2 thoughts on “Masks again

  1. Looking great and very interesting to read about the materials you’re using which I’ll definitely check out. Keep up the good work, Steve!


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