Back to normal at the studio?

I really ask myself and always have, “What is normal?”. It is in fact a perspective on reality based on the individuals analysis based on input from the 5 senses. Ah you ask, “What is the 5th sense?” You may ask. 😉

For me normal changes all the time. I have reinvented myself a million times. My interests are so vast and wide one could never be bored. There are at least 6 projects going on simultaneously. But I digress.

Yesterday I painted yet another Chameleon mask for a customer.

And started that Crater Lake Monster sculpture. Although in the very rough stages I made the base and armature to sculpt the head and neck of the monster which was my very first job I ever did in the movie industry.

Rick Baker gave me the job to build this head for William Stromberg back in 1976 as I recall. It lead to my friendship with David Allen. David and I would work for many years after on many films. I introduced him to Charlie Band.

I thought I should start a series of sculptures of creatures and things I did for my career and offer them in the store. The Crater Lake monster had to be the first.

Here is it’s beginning.

This sculpture will be a kit. Cast in two part resin with a clear blue resin water base. About 10 inches tall.This is about a half hour of work and then the day came to a close. I’ll be working most of the day today on this and the first in a series of Planet of the Apes masks. I did work on the Planet of the Apes TV show. Although briefly after I first came to LA this pre-dates the Crater Lake Monster and it counts. 😉

The sculpture is rough and not finished. When finished it will be wearable and have hair and teeth.

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