Dream of Flight

I am working on a short film about a little boy and his dream of flight. I’m animating it all alone. Creating locations, sets, props, set dressing. The boy I purchased from and mesh artist and I modified it for motion capture and key frame animation. I also gave him a better shirt!  

It’s my hope that young people, kids, and there parents will get the message. So many times, my own parents included, the dreams of desires of their children get ignored. Dreams of flight are very important. They lead to realities. Imagination is everything and we owe it to every plane we fly or fly in. Not to mention our space craft and trips to the moon. Still adversity can create conditions that lead to great things as they did for Elon Musk. So children are driven, have the sky n their blood and nothing can divert them from their path to the stars.

When I ask permission to use a field for our local FAC squadron you can bet I’ll ask them to watch this with their kids.

Here’s a few frame grabs of the location and work I have done so far.

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