How I started a look we all know today

My earliest depictions of the Greys goes back to the 70’s. Oh how I wish I had been smart enough to trademark this look. The work I did later on in the 80’s and 90’s set the look of them we know today. I am rarely given credit for this. My mistake.

I came across this Starlog magazine from 1979 which shows and red skinned black eye Grey. This was made for my now cult classic feature film, “The Day Time Ended”. It was originally entitled “Vortex” as per my original script.

This was to be a fetal being seen at the end of the film. It was painted red for purposes of the bright lighting we were going to use that would have made it appear light pink-flesh colored. I took this picture of the closeup bust in my lab back in 1978. The article was 79.

What followed after this image hit the public we know today. Yes I created this look but it was always based on something I actually experienced and influenced my designs. I didn’t know then that in 1986 a similar image would appear on the now famous Communion(written by Whitley Strieber) book cover setting of a wave of people reacting to it that had also experienced this type of being.

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