It’s been a long haul

After weeks of study…

Some of you may remember I have been working in Unity creating VR experiences. I got pretty good at it and then I was told that another 3D engine for making video games was better and I should make the switch. Not an easy switch because although 3D programs are all similar they often achieve the same results using different methods.

After lots of tutorials and many trials and errors I am finally ready to make my own films. These engines are a studio in a box. That is to say they aren’t just for video games anymore. You can create any location, studio stage with sets, realistic actors, just about anything you can imagine and bring it to life in the computer. This has always been a dream and now it’s a reality.

It can be a dangerous tool too for a rebel like myself because now I can make those movies that glorify a peaceful world where humans drop their differences, embrace the universe and live in peace. Protest against the system, war, and greed with filmmaking.

My first attempt will be to create “The Park”. Some of you have read my stories on stories website:   The Park is a place I have visited more then once. I have no idea if it’s real or not. But it sure felt real. It was an incredible place of peace that words fail to describe. And I’m not alone because it has been written about by many long before I ever spoke of it.

The end game here is to make the second episode of the “But Something is There” series entitled, “The Dreamtime”. 

But first I get my feet wet recreating the Park both for VR and a short film.

After a long haul and a lot of fiddling I got a rough shot off yesterday. I figured out how to use the camera and motion control. It’s one thing to create a world in 3D space but another to move through it with a camera and that I did. This opens everything up to making that short.

The Park isn’t finished and quite rough at present but much will be added to it over time and the real production of making a short film will begin.

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