“The Dreamtime” new short film

Like the monolith in 2001: a space odyssey, the visitors are a mysterious force of nature that watch over us guiding us to survive. “Their origin and identity remain a total mystery”.

Steve Neill 2021

The Dreamtime is the next episode to our original film, “But Something is There“.

In this episode Mark Neill learns that nothing ever truly dies. And that we remain connected to our pass loved ones and even the monsters from history. Mark has a chance meeting with Adolf Hitler and a conversation that changes his perspective of consciousness he never thought possible. Such messages can come from monsters of past that can effect the future.

The film is currently in pre-production and starts filming on June 12th. Visual effects, digital sets, props, Hitler’s prosthetic makeup, wardrobe and more have all been made are are ready to shoot.

The site will be updated with the latest news, film clips, photos and more as we move along.

Currently Robb Wolford’s makeup for the film has been made. Next week we will do a test makeup and wardrobe fitting to see the entire look for his role as Hitler.

In the beginning he looks like a monster. He is tired, withered, and wrinkled. But as the story progresses he reverts to a different looking Hitler from an alternate timeline where Adolf Hitler was a different man and WW2 never happened.

Robb Wolford’s hairpieces under construction.
Robb’s makeup appliances being sculpted and readied to mold.
Mold made and ready to run silicone prosthetics for the shoot.

I’m personally working on the Visitor lady from Whitley Strieber’s famous book, Communion. She makes a brief appearance in the films beginning. Like the monolith in 2001: a space odyssey, the Visitors are the mysterious force of nature that seem to watch over us guiding us on a path to insure our survival. We don’t know who they are or where they come from, “But Something is There”.

So far I have made the CGI model for the shot where she appears and did the animation scene.

The sets for all the scenes where the conversation takes place are a surreal environment. In the background can be scene the transparent images of spirits. These spirits are the dead souls that walk the halls of this mysterious place not revealed until the films ending.

Here’s a quick test I did of the halls and the spirits done using Unreal Engine 4, Lightwave, and After Effects.

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We are a rap! And in Post Production 7/3/21

We are rapped. And we have been in post production editing and VFX for three weeks now.

Here’s some images from the shoot and post production.

Latest 7/3/21

Working all this holiday weekend on the film. I have my work station at home now and only use our studio for physical art and work there. I have been busy setting two work stations in my back office so I can render effects shots and scenes day and night.

Next week Raul Arteaga begins the sound editing and ambient sounds. Later Steve Altman will being doing the score.

At this point it looks like a 30 minute short film. I didn’t think it would be that long and it all removes quickly at 30 mins. 

Latest news 7-28-2021

We are edited and the timeline is now being sound mixed and score written and added.

Here’s some frame grabs from the film. I have never done so much green screen compositing in my life.