Old art Page one

Most of this art was created during the 90s based on true experiences, my own, Whitley Strieber’s, and famous cases.

Many of these pieces have been used in film, television and in books. Yvonne Smith using this art in here lectures and many books. X-file, Sightings and more have used them for television and it’s these images that set the look of the Visitors we know today.

It all starts here and this was a pencil pieces done on black paper called, “Crib Visit”.

This was a colored pencil piece done to depict one of Steve’s early memories. Made in 1993.

Made for Yvonne Smith in 1993 for one of here cases. Acrylic on canvas.

Based on an Encounter by Raven Dana while staying at Whitley Strieber’s cabin this is an accurate depiction of a grey being.

A case in Mansfield Ohio made for Michael Lindermann. Colored pencil.

One of Steve’s favorites done in 1984. Very large. Made in a day. Acrylics and airbrush.

Based on one of Steve’s experiences in the 90s. Pastels on black paper.

Another acrylic on canvas painted in 1993.

Painted in 1992 on canvas.