Steve’s Journal

2-19-19 The trouble with…

Today I tried to post a perspective I have on the UFO community. I did on my Facebook profile page. Bad idea.

From where I stand I have always seen the charlatans getting the most attention by the media and the UFO Conferences. They tell tall tales about the galactic federation and seem to know about all these different aliens races and so on. These people rake in the money at the conferences and in the media they are labeled as crazy people.

What this all leads to for the serious researcher and or UFO witness is laughter and dismissal by people who have never researched this subject matter and have only gone on the hearsay.

They always without fail claim there is no evidence. And it comes often from highly intelligent people in scientific community. It is by far the weakest claim of all. The evidence is overwhelming if only one can get past this tainted subject matter and open up pandora’s box of enormity.

But they don’t and won’t because this subject is been made so taboo they are frightened to do so. What if they are wrong? What do I do then? I’ll be lumped in with the crazies for sure. What about my reputation? These examples are all fear based.

You can’t win. Their minds are made up and the only thing that will change that is for them to have an experience with the unknown for themselves.

So I won’t ever post on social media again and save myself the same old boring arguments from people the continus to comment on something they know nothing about.

I know so many people have been in the military and other organisations that have pulled me aside over the years to tell me, “I don’t think you are crazy” And went on to tell me why.

I have had friends do the same. In the height of my being on TV and radio talking about my experiences during the 90’s I lost many friends and family members. This happens. But I had many more pull me aside and tell me I wasn’t crazy and they knew because they had an experience of their own. As always they never told anyone for the obvious reasons but they felt they could tell me.

They too were afraid of losing friends, family, and careers over this stuff. Some of these friends were famous or the Sons of famous actors and people in Hollywood. They told me how brave I was to do this. I never thought of it that way.

At one time I thought people were crazy too until it happened to me. I just had to tell people something was there. It was honest and I never thought it would open the can of worms it did.

It’s time better spent I post here so I started this journal page where comments have to be approved first.

The experience continues 7-12-19

I haven’t written in awhile but this experience never seems to give up. You think you’ve seen the last of it and it happens again, and again. And it has been lately more often.

Two weeks ago I went to bed and woke up in a building . It reminded me of a hospital and I was lead by this very human looking female to hospital room. Her face was different. She had fine features and very large eyes.

In the room there were more of these woman and they were surrounding a bed with a man in the bed. The other woman objected to my being present. It was at this moment I realized the woman had marble grey blue eyes with small pupils and very large irises.

They were quite beautiful and although I could hear their voices I never once saw their lips move. The woman that lead me into the room told them I had every right to be present.

They were holding the arm of the man and one was scraping his arm with some sort of instrument. As I looked more closely at the man it hit me. It was me. My body and somehow I was out of my body and they knew it. I was allowed to watch them perform procedures on my body. I never did know exactly what these procedures were for but I got the distinct impression they were for my benefit.

Next morning when I woke up I felt heavy and a bit tired. This is a familiar feeling after one of this episodes.

I felt a burning sensation on my inside forearm and when I looked I saw the distinctive fine scratch. So fine it was as though a razor was used and I have had these many times in my years. It was the same arm I saw them scrap.

I attempted a rough sketch from memory of what these woman looked like.

7-14-2019 Another Experience

On the 7th of July another amazing experience happened to me. I went to bed that Sunday night. We had just come back from Huntington Beach visiting grandchildren after taking a short vacation in Sequoia California over the 4th of July.

I was feeling great. I woke up that Sunday clear and full of energy. That evening we went to bed around 10 pm. I fell asleep fast after a lot of driving over the last 5 days. I was tired.

Next thing I know I was fully awake and walking along side a very tall and thin man. He was wearing a jump suit that was all grey and didn’t fit him well. I was also wearing a similar jumpsuit.

The man reminded me of an old friend but it wasn’t him under closer examination. Either my mind was trying to gasp the situation as best it could or whoever was behind this experience wanted me to think it was my old friend Dave to comfort me. He had salt and pepper grey hair and had this kind face and charisma.

We were walking in a corridor and walked up to this large wall panel made of metal plating. It had a door and next to the metal door was a keypad and screen. We stopped there as the man entered a numbers code and the door unlatched and he opened it.

We walked into another corridor and to another room. He led me inside and it was a warehouse of sorts with metal selves full of grey-purple metal parts. They looked like they were part of an engine or craft and they has been disassembled. The metal was translucent and the purple was deeper into the metal. They weren’t like any parts to any machine I had ever seen.

As we walked through I saw bones on the shelf and a very distinct set of skulls. They had large craniums and large eye sockets. There were tags on them but I couldn’t make out what was written on them from the distance I was at.

We walked through this warehouse through another door and into another corridor. I was taken to a room that had this wall with glass that looked into this tan colored room. In fact it looked like the walls were made of corrugated cardboard. There was something that resembled confetti. It was loose and distributed throughout the room from floor to ceiling like a packing material. I felt like I was looking into a large cardboard box with packing material.

The man looked in and then back at me. “Do you see them?” I asked him, “See what?”   “The beings you call grays.” I looked again and as I did I saw something that reminded me of the Predator when he was cloaked, a shimmering outline of a frail thin body with a big head. As they moved around the room the large confetti showed off their presence even when cloaked.

They knew I could see them and slowly materialized as I watched. The eyes showed first. Their were these black eyes just floating in mid air for a moment and then their full being came into view. The beings were the smaller grays. Super thin and lacking any real anatomical structure, sticks for arms and legs and those big heads. The skin was very light colored nearly white, translucent and splotchy.

I stared at them for awhile. The man then told me it was time to go back. We left the room and as we started walking I woke up and it was morning. I had never got out of bed or moved the entire night. I only had this memory of this event.

For days afterwards I felt classically ill. There was more to this experience but they had blocked it. Something more was done to me and I felt it emotionally for days afterwards, as I write this now on the 13th of July I am finally feeling normal again whatever normal is.

Mary and I are reading a book write now entitled, “Butterflies are Free to Fly” by Steve Davis.

I encourage anyone to read it and as you do you’ll know why I suggested it. We truly don’t know what we don’t know. The Visitors (who ever they are) are masters of perception and how that reception can manipulate particle physics that make up our supposed reality. They learned early on that particles react to our observing them and behave differently then what is expected by science. 

8-4-19 Quiet lately

Although I have been hard at work making more sculpture and paintings for the art show the Visitors have been quiet. I get these long breaks between visits. I always have.

I’m doing 6 small paintings since my paintings are usually large. And I’m making a rather large owl with oversized place grey like eyes.

We just did Dreamland with Whitley. Yvonne smith and I were on together and the link is in the media page to listen to it. More people are following the page now and reading it as a result.

8-10-19 Owls and the Visitors

One of the pieces I have been working on for
the show is a large owl sculpture. I have always had a keen interest in owls
since I was a child. I can remember clearly one that sat in the window of my
San Francisco flat in the late 50’s.

I am reminded of the night I saw our butcher
block’s legs moving in front of the refrigerator at 3 in the morning and my
confusion as a witness to the event. And then the block became a little being.

When one sees something that our minds can’t
identify nor does it fit our normal precept of reality as defined by our
learning process we tend to see the most logical construct possible. I saw a
butcher block but when its legs moved it broke an illusion and I saw what was
difficult to except, the same is true of the owl.

Owl sightings are extremely rare in San
Francisco as I have learned by my research. But as a child I didn’t know that
fact. So I was seeing something in my window watching me at night. My mind gave
me what I needed to allow things to make sense, an owl with big black eyes.

I also had this notion there were fairies
living in the walls of the old San Francisco house. They were my friends and
protectors. We talked often but I was always told to keep it a secret.

I finished this owl yesterday. She’s all
paper Mache and about 3 ft. I find it haunting and get the feeling I’m in the
presence of an old friend. This will be one of the featured art pieces at the

In conclusion I don’t think the Visitors are
projecting to us the image of the owl, our minds are. Either way they have
always been a fascination and I can bet that many of you will share the same interest
and experience.