Old Art Page Three

A lot of these pictures were found and in bad condition. The originals are out there somewhere. They were sold off years ago in 1999. Steve but a lot of them in Photoshop to bring them back and even enhanced them a bit. He keeps finding more.

Another colored pencil on black paper made in 1993 base on an experience Steve remembered.

This one os another colored pencil on black paper created for Yvonne Smith based on her case with Jesse Long.

Colored pencil drawn for Yvonne Smith based on and entity Steve had an intimate experience with. Later on over the years these would pop again and again. They have been called black eyed dolls.

This was a large acrylic painting. Steve has been mystified by the movie 2001: a space odyssey since he first saw the film in 1968. He felt a deep connection with the film and made this painting of this connection.

Steve’s Christmas card painting in 1995