Film and TV

Steve has done many TV and media effects on this subject matter. He was originally hired by X-Files but sadly when the production was moved to Canada he was allowed to continue. Here you will see much of is work in practical effects and CGI.

A scene from “But Something is There” a film written and directed by Steve based on his own lifelong experiences.

Steve took walks with his grandfather at night in the countryside of Marin County n the late 50’s. On one such night they had an encounter together. This is a frame grab from the film. Visual effects by Steve Neill.

Baby gallery scene in “But Something is There”.

2017 Steve on the “But Something is There” set with Whitley Strieber.

Baby Gallery shot from “But Something is There”

What Steve saw on his walk with his grandfather in the 50’s. A frame grab from the film. Visual effects by Steve Neill. 2017

Sightings, NBC Confirmation Special pictures found

As many of you know I not only appeared on “Sightings” during the 90’s but I also did special effects for them. Masks ands aliens puppets and art work. In addition I worked with Whitley Strieber on the NBC 2 hours special. Sadly it wasn’t so special.

Here are the pictures I found on the net and some from my own X-Files.

This was the very popular pull over latex mask of which many I sold to the studios and to the public survive today. These were frame grabs I found on the net.

Some pictures of the Communion Puppets for the NBC special on set. The tall grey with the child was on one of many shoots with Sightings.

A very tired me on set taking a break.