Dreamland Effects 1990

We found one of the old catalogs Steve and his late wife Gilly created for their then company named “Dreamland Effects”

Steve back in 1990 started the company that sold many art pieces, apparel, sculpture, and more. The company did quite well for a long time and then one day all orders stopped. As it turned out after an investigation the orders were being sent back to the senders as “No such address”. More investigation revealed that the mail was also being blocked and held at the post office with no explanation as to why.

The tip off is when we received a phone call from a patron who asked why his mail and check were sent back? This person sent the letter back to a different address with the stamped envelope, “No such address”. This started the investigation but the post office never would explain why this happened. Only told Gilly we can’t help you.

Here’s the old catalog. Steve was doing this work before anyone else and was the first to use “Dreamland” and produce commercially available gray alien artwork. He never copywited the look or design. It never occurred to him because these weren’t his designs so much as what he saw, what existed to him. Years later this image has appeared all over the world from Alienware computers to antenna balls.