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It’s sometimes, (if not all the time) difficult to describe the feeling of being one who has paranormal experiences. To me there is nothing truly paranormal. It’s just a word for a narrow perception of reality. What we as experiencers have is normal. What’s not is our self imposed separation from the greater reality of the fantastic and mostly unknown universe we live in.

I have never subscribed to the UFO communities folklore made up to satisfy a need for answers. I don’t believe in anything. I either know something or I don’t. It’s OK not to know. But it’s wrong to just believe because belief to me is a somewhat nebulas concept.

What I know is simple if not strange to many. Since I was a child I have had an interaction with some kind of non human intelligence.

In my early life I was smart enough to observe the world around me and realize I was different. I knew I needed to keep silent about these things I experienced or I’d put myself in danger.

But years later I read a book by my now long time friend and author Whitley Strieber. “Communion” astonished me. I had never before realized that I wasn’t alone with the things and experiences I kept secret. Not only that the book gave me relief from my fears that I might be mentally ill.

I knew that what I was experiencing was real and as time went on I came to find that this experience was wide spread as more and more people came forward.

After all this time I still have no idea what I’m dealing with, it’s true origins or intentions. I am grateful for this experience. I doubt I’d be today the person I am. I look to the stars today as I did when I was child and know that I am deeply connected with all the life in the vast universe that bacons me to commune with it. The life force of nature and all that lives courses through my soul with every breath of my being.

Some things will never be explained or understood in this universe. It’s enough that I am connected with it. I will live forever because nothing ever truly dies.

Steve Neill

Grays from Zeta Reticuli?…No.

One of the falsehoods the UFO community continues to express today with regard to blacked eyed beings commonly referred to as “Grays” has no basis in facts of any kind.

This is a result of just believing what you are told and not checking the facts for yourself.

This all started as a result of the famous Barney and Betty Hill case back in 1961. It was a landmark case of abduction. Look it up. The story is amazing.

These were two straight forward intelligent people with an amazing experience. In this experience Betty Hill was shown and map of stars by their captors.

Under hypnosis (lead by Dr. Benjamin Simon) she drew the map. Sometime later an armature astronomer made a 3 dimensional model of the stars.

My friend David Chace, who knows his facts better than I posted this as a reply based on an interview with myself and Whitley Strieber. I was able at the time to remember the name of the armature astronomer but only knew there had been a 3D map made.

Marjorie Fish was the amateur astronomer and school teacher who built a three dimensional star model that allowed her to identify the pattern in Betty Hill’s map. Fish passed away in 2013. Terence Dickinson is a professional astronomer who wrote an article about the Hill-Fish map back in the seventies. Dickinson thought Fish’s interpretation of Betty’s map was significant but not conclusive, and he was never convinced that the Hills were physically taken aboard a UFO. Kathleen Marden is probably the person to talk to for the definitive story.”

Their captors never identified themselves as being from Zeta Reticuli yet flash forward all these years to today and go to any UFO convention or website (excluding mine) and you will be told the “Grays” are from Zeta.

This is the problem I have with being taken seriously about my own experiences because the public has been brain washed by the very UFO community that wants you to believe them.

This phenomenon is real. It needs to be taken seriously but I can’t get anyone around me to take it seriously. If I post this very page on Face Book on my profile I get zero response, People literally run away because it worries them so. “There he goes again with that crazy stuff”. They don’t read it because their minds are made up.

Who I have to thank for that is the UFO community. The same community that has their conventions which are little different from a Comic Con only the subject is UFO’s and there you can play X-files.

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are good people in that community who bravely struggle against the sea of bullshit. But they are few and far between and never get the attention they deserve.

I am reminded of a scene in “Close Encounters of a Third Kind”. There was a press conference in the town. Roy Neary was there to tell his story and so was the mother of the little boy that had been abducted. As he tried to tell his honest story he was interrupted by a crazy man that cried out,” I saw a Bigfoot once…” he spreads apart to ashtrays and continues, “his feet were this big” or something along those lines. In an instance the news media pans quickly to this nut getting all the attention while Roy and the mother sit there with their heads down in disbelief.

I’m posting the scene here. Enough said.