It’s Friday and this is what happened on Thursday 3-3-2023

This week has been cold and difficult to work. Despite that Mary and I press on. It’s been this way for far too long. I have been working in our studio kitchen where it’s heated and so is upstairs. But spray painting and working with toxic chemicals has to be done in the bay or assembly building as I like to call it. After all, we do have a space program. 

I managed to make the silicone molds I need for our new Mercury Redstone kit in the kitchen. In the assembly building I cast a nose cone for the new larger V-2 rocket in two part resin.

I also received my parts for the scratch built open wheel Indy slot car I have been working on. It’s now sporting its new aluminum wheels and rubber tires.

Yesterday was Mary’s birthday and we had a quiet day.

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