SNG Newsletter 7-23-2022

Still in the Summer slump but did get a rocket and a mask order in. It was quick work and got right back to my planes  and painting.

Tired of working in dog hair, we have determined that Thursday is clean-up day. It is nice to have the place a little picked up for visitors on Fridays.

The Westfacs event is  in October. I’ve been slowly working on this free flight plane, I managed, between the lines, to get the plane doped and assembled. Today I started airbrushing the paint job. This all takes time. I’ll be making decals printed on tissue and applying them. Adding wing filets. Canopy. panel lines, vents and exhaust all through next week.

This is the WW2 Heinkel 112 free flight model plane.

Another plane I’m working on was an old Guillows Corsair. This was given to me by Smith Brothers Hobbies.

It was brought in by someone and Dave at Smith Brothers thought I might like to have it. He was right. The kit was originally purchased in Mountain View Ca in 1985. The kit then was $39. Today, $158. Guillows still makes the kit.

The gentleman that started to build it, built the fuselage and center section of the wing but never finished it before he passed away. It sat in storage in a garage for over 35 years until it found its way to me.

It’s not big. It has a 30 inch wing span but these little planes fly very well. There were a lot of broken and missing parts but the plans were so extensive I was able to make new parts and install them successfully.  I’m sure the man that started this kit would be happy to know about its new home and that it will fly the skies of Ventura soon.

The original receipt was in the box along with a card from the long gone hobby shop. 

This Sunday I will test fly this. It’s been a heavy week of aviation but it never gets old. There’s just something about something that flies. Pure magic.

And I’m flying my P-51 Mustang this Sunday too. She’s a great flyer.

Next, it’s time to start a new sculpture-mask project. Right now it’s a good time to take advantage of the down-time to make new things to add to the store. I will be thinking about it all weekend. 

I have clay, life masks and plaster to mold with and a whole bunch of rubber. I can’t make the Ghostbuster’s hand because of lack of materials that I would need to do so. (I will buy them when I get some orders in and my cash flow changes.)

Then there’s a nice plastic kit build I need to do – a  few really. It’s been awhile and I have some really nice model kits people have given me over the years.

Last Sunday, I was at a birthday party for my dear friend Dr. Chris Landon in Ojai.  While there, a print on canvas caught my eye on his wall and I asked about it.  It was one of my favorite fond memory spots, Laguna Seca. One of the greatest and most beautiful race tracks in the world.

I wanted to know if I could get a copy and Chris handed it to me and said belated Happy Birthday. Well that was just wonderful and made my day-week. I just love this image. Then he gave me another. Also from Laguna Seca. These pictures were taken by Chris who is a great artist and  photographer.

Both are on the wall over my personal slot car race track at home.

Mary was busy this week weaving and painting. She also sold a pastel of Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors – Thank you Angel! You can see Mary’s  work at Art by Cacciapaglia please visit her site and subscribe.
That wraps it up for this week. Have a great weekend. Do something fun and creative. Thank you for your support and love.

Steve and Mary

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SNG Aero – Rockets by Steve Neill
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