SNG Newsletter 6-18-2022

What a wonderful creative week at SNG Studio!We painted, weaved and I poured orders and took a break from sculpting. Mary finished her study of the Australian Splendid Fairy Wren. You can see her work on her blog here: I finished a painting I started last week of one of the most amazing and prolific builders of free flight model airplanes on the planet Earth. Vance Gilbert. net size.jpg

Vance is an inspiration to us all in the Flying Aces Club.’m planning another painting next week as a series of paintings related to this wonderful silent and graceful hobby.

Our local group for en plein air painting is going to Oxnard Heritage Square today. They have a very interesting water tower that I am intrigued by. 
  I have an event in Arizona in October for a free flight model flying in a huge 600 acre sod field. So I’m building several planes in the background of the day’s work to be ready for the event.

The bare bounds of a fuselage for a Heinkel 112. A WW2 German fighter plane.I am also working on this Fokker DVIII from the WW1 era. This is a radio-controlled plane to add to my fleet.I’m trying to decide what’s next for a new mask and I hope to do something new, soon. Feedback from the fan base has been low and I can only figure this lack of enthusiasm is a result of out-of-sight gas prices and inflation caused by just plain old corporate greed, as I see it. I’m doing my best to keep my prices down as I tighten my belt. Thank goodness for the orders that come in.
I just cast two more Talosians and a Salt Vampire. There’s a joke in there somewhere or maybe a song.LOL
Here they are fresh out of the mold un-trimmed.
I was asked to do more interviews for podcasts, streaming shows, and books. There’s been a lot of this lately. In fact, I had a live show interview yesterday with the Academy of Model Aeronautics with Jay Smith. week I have more. Allan Holzman, a film director I worked with in 1982 on the movie Forbidden World, is coming to our studio to interview me on his show. I did the creature work on this film. I headed the department. big creature.jpg
That’s me in my Nostromo hat and Mork and Mindy shirt behind the huge monster we built.
Additionally we will be shooting a part three of Steve Neill’s Hollywood 🎥 for those of you following along on the stories of my career.
It’s been a great week. I hope you have all had a great one too. The weekend is upon us so do something fun, relaxing, and creative. The world needs you and your joy very much!Love you all,Steve and MaryThe Art of Steve NeillSNG Studio on Patreon
Fine Art America – Steve Neill Collectors’ Mask StoreSNG Aero – Rockets by Steve Neill
and Mary on the web
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Attachments areaPreview YouTube video Model Aviation LIVE with Jay Smith – 6/17/22Model Aviation LIVE with Jay Smith – 6/17/22

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