Good times at SNG 5-6-2022

It’s Friday and I’m glad. I’m looking forward to the weekend. Mary and I could both use the R&R. The week has been pleasant. We both got lots of things done and enjoyed every moment very much.  Tomorrow Mary and I are heading to the beach with a bunch of other artists to paint open air. To sit pleasantly and take in our beautiful  environment and put it to canvas. 

Sunday is flying for me. I’m going to take a large beautiful RC glider up high and soar.

Last night was amazing. I was in high school when Star Trek first aired. I loved it because it represented us, the human race of Earth overcoming our stupidity to fight one another and instead reach for the stars. Star Trek has been through many shapes and changes over the years but Strange New Worlds quite literally gave us true Star Trek fans back the show we always loved the most. It was a strange and wonderful feeling. I was 16 when it aired and now I’m 70 and Star Trek lives on.

I had the pleasure to work on Star Trek. I got to work with its creator Gene Roddenberry and the original cast more than once. The show is family to me. It all brought a smile to my face. We need a look into our better possible future at a time when we are close to destroying ourselves once more. 

Some people called Star Trek “Woke” in their reviews and opinions. I detest the term. It brings an image to mind of an angry and afraid person invoking the expression.

The term is idiotic at best and should be changed “Aware”. But then again it was created by idiots to attack and troll people with higher intelligence. Being Aware means having the ability to see clearing through the BS and gas lighting we are being fed. To know things for ourselves. To question and learn. To become our own authorities and not blindly follow. I’d rather be “Aware” than stupid to put it plainly. Star Trek has always had this message. Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination.

But I digress. On to studio matters. I got my paint yesterday and it’s a new SC-94 from Burman Industries. It’s quite good and I was able to paint both of Chris’s masks. They will get paint and teeth Monday and off they’ll go.

The Sixth Finger mask I put back in the mold and thickened using paper towels and latex. This really thickened up the thin areas and by Monday it should be dry enough to paint.

I did get back at long last to that slot car build I started some time ago. I hope to finish it this week.

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