Werewolf’s and classic sports cars

Filling yet and other order! Thank you for ordering! this gets painted today and a new batch of crape hair in on the way. I ran out you guys have ordered so many of these.

My restored all stock vintage Nissan 300 zx is being driven again. I have had some minor mechanical repairs done to this car by my dear friend and mechanic extraordinaire Manny Rodriquez at Radical Autosport. This car runs like it’s still new. I remember in 1985 many of my friends were buying these with all the money they made in makeup effects. It’s a trip down memory lane to drive this today. They have vanished from the roads they once populated. Some were over modified and have lost their value.

The license plate frame says it all. Build a Bridge to the Stars. Made for me by my late wife Gillian. When they did the restoration I had them keep that frame to reinstall.

This weekend the slot car races begin once more in a year and a half with the Farrout Slot Car Group. This is the car I take there to be with a bunch of gearheads for 2 hours of racing on amazing big tracks monthly.

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