4 thoughts on “New Journal entree 8-10-19

  1. Hi Steve, I love your work both as fellow artist and experiencer and grateful Whitley had you on Dreamland. The owl you created is very familiar to me from my childhood but not in the waking state. At the age of 4 I vividly recall waking in terror on the sofa in the middle of the night. My screams had my Mother above me trying to calm me as I cried out, “ an owl bit me on the neck! It’s behind the couch!” Later at age 15 when we lived in Navy housing at NAS Moffett Field, I would see an odd looking owl perched on the stop sign at the corner next to the Wind Tunnel at NASA research center. It was light mottled grey in color and would follow me with its huge black eyes as I walked to the bus stop for school. This occurred for three days in a row in the early morning. What is even stranger was that all three days I dreamt of the pale skinned people with very long fingers touching me. Right now I’m feeling nauseous and shaking. Thank you so much for speaking out about your experiences. You don’t realize how helpful this is for everyone involved.
    Charles R. Hazard


    1. Charles thanks so much for your kind words and sharing your experience with us. I had owls follow me off and on all my life. Walking the dogs at night they would circle me as I walked. And I mean close. There are many who share this. I’m glad this helps you and others. This is what I have hoped for.


      1. BTW thanks for the recommendation of Butterflies Are Free To Fly. I’m over the threshold and really getting into it.


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