Early work found again

Michael Rutherford sent me some pictures of a resin cast sculpture from my past endeavors with my old company “Dreamland Effects”. Yes I know you’ve heard it before but this was back in 89 when I started making art and sculpture.

He found the resin cast sculpture of the grey I did in 92. It was on Ebay and when I saw it it took me back. I made a few quite a few of them and sold them around the world. I was glad to see one turn up.

I found this picture in my stash from a time when I was making up a bunch for customers. I had them all lined up and thought it would make a great picture. I used my old Nikon SLR and real film and this is what I got.

I saw this picture on the net sometime ago where the person that posted tried to say it was an actual government leaked photo of an actual grey. Of course I called the author on it and was told to mind my own business.

I wonder what else is out there? One collector out there owns all the artwork I ever did on the subject from the early period but I haven’t heard from her in awhile and have no idea where the collection ended up.

As more turns up I’ll post it here of course.

2 thoughts on “Early work found again

  1. Thank you Steve for sharing your Art Show, I definitely be going, We need to expose the truth either by our own true experiences or through art like yours. I can’t wait to see all your magnificent otherworldly creations.


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